Insurance planning through an advisory lens

Advising clients means choosing to step aside from your own interests, or the interests of a particular company, to focus solely on the best interest of your client. As such, we look at insurance planning through an advisory lens. Many insurance firms have proprietary obligations that make it difficult for advisors to partner with an insurance professional. We are the destination for advisors who want to work with an independent partner rooted in objectivity, unbiased advice and a consultative approach.

Independent, unbiased insurance planning

At Advisor Insurance Solutions we understand that insurance may frequently be a vehicle that complements or protects your clients’ financial planning and advances their objectives. We take the time and have the tools to objectively assess the mitigating factors involved in designing solutions. We analyze if insurance can advance your client’s plan, and if so, we provide the most objective analysis to determine the appropriate solutions. Our unique, multi- carrier platform in conjunction with our array of benchmarking tools provides your clients with the most objective approach to insurance consultation.

Policy Evaluation Process

  • Objective analysis of your clients’ insurance portfolio
  • Review of your clients’ existing coverage to confirm alignment with their current plan
  • Stress-testing policies against real world scenarios
  • Adding value to your client relationships

Many of your clients may have already purchased life or other insurance policies. While they may have understood their need for insurance at the time, clients rarely have clarity if their policies are still in alignment with their current objectives. Our analysis allows for a complete, comprehensive review of proposed and existing policies. We report on each policy and explore how they align with the objectives you helped your client clarify.

If the policies are aligned with your client’s objectives, our reporting will simply confirm that fact and bring value to your relationship. If the policies have flaws that interfere with achieving your client’s current objectives, our team will clearly outline solutions that may improve the existing policy or help you get a more suitable policy in place.

Enhancing your client experience


In addition to evaluating the decisions you and your clients have made with their legal and tax advisors, we become an integral resource as part of your wealth building and wealth transfer planning team.


Efficient underwriting is one of our elite points of distinction. What this means to you is we are devoted to maintaining and expanding sophisticated underwriting resources to help increase the placement of your clients’ insurance needs.


Business valuation is often a starting point for significant business planning. Knowing the current value of your clients’ business allows you to further plan for their future and help protect their interests.

Fiduciary Responsibility

When a wealth advisor believes and adheres to a principal of acting in their clients’ best interest and feels it is key to their success, then it follows that those advisors cannot plan in a vacuum; all financial assets need to be addressed. This includes an understanding of the client’s life insurance portfolio – personal, trust owned and business. These assets can and will have a significant impact on the clients overall financial picture and if not structured properly can create many problems for loved ones and/or business associates.

Complete alignment with you and your clients’ objective is our only acceptable baseline.